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SimpleMachines Mozart Platform uses Composable Computing to accelerate AI and ML application performance by optimizing the very hardware it runs on.

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AI Startup SimpleMachines wants you to love Mozart

Composable Computing


Abstract program intent and expected behaviors

Composable Computing abstracts algorithm details, provides CPU-like programmability, and delivers the performance and efficiency of customized, single-purpose ASICs based on the terms of several key behaviors.


Create a novel compiler to compose the program into expected behaviors

Implementing a novel compiler that can intelligently compose the program into those behaviors, integrating it directly into the backends for TensorFlow, ONNX, and PyTorch. This enables existing AI code bases to integrate seamlessly.


Modify hardware in real-time to execute the program

Executing the program on physically modified hardware in real time enables behavioral integration—as if the hardware were customized for the program—which allows directly manipulating the program and understanding its properties.


Composable compute platform for accelerating AI and ML environments



Future-ready for emerging models and diverse workloads


Faster Time-to-Results

Runs up to 64 different models simultaneously



Supports a wide range of different use cases


Faster ROI

Rapid deployment, reduced TCO

A solution that meets you where you are

As the world increasingly becomes algorithmic and data-driven, today’s data analytics are continually evolving to address dynamic analytic requirements. With our solution’s programmability and time scalability, engineers can develop applications and efficiently execute software for various computing needs across many industries.

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On Cloud

Composable Computing is compatible with applications in the cloud…


On Premise

…or it can work and integrate seamlessly with software on-premise.





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